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Do's & Dont's for RTI Application


1.     Please address the application to the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), Railway Board and send it to Room No.5, RTI Cell, Rail Bhavan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi -110 001 to reach it to the correct place. 

2.     The treasury account of Railway Board, for RTI purpose, is maintained in the name of "Pay and Account Officer, Railway Board, New Delhi".  Fee payable to other names is not acceptable. As such, send the correct initial fee of Rs.10/-, under Sub-Section(i) of Section-6, RTI Act, 2005, by either of following means (i) Demand Draft or Bankers Cheque or Indian Postal Order drawn in favour of "Pay and Accounts Officer, Railway Board, New Delhi" or (ii) Original cash receipt as proof of having deposited Rs.10/- at any of major Railway Stations/Divisional Railway HQ/Zonal Railway HQ.  

3.     To avoid delay in getting information, the items concerning to  single directorate should be asked for in one application only. 

4.    The applicant should ask for a specific information giving details of order number and file No. if known to the applicant and send the back reference/copy.   This is easier and faster to locate the concerned directorate. 

5.     After a week of sending the application, please call to RTI cell at telephone nos. 011-23304572 (MTNL) or 43908 (Railways) to know the Id number allotted for your application.  The status of your application is also available at the Web site at http://www.rti.railnet.gov.in



1.      Please do not address your RTI application other than Chief Public Information Officer (CPIO), Railway Board, as it takes more days/time to reach the office of RTI Cell. 

2.      Please do not address your Indian Postal Order, Bank Draft, Banker cheque, for initial RTI application or for Document Charges as the case may be, other than “Pay and Accounts Officer, Railway Board”.  If the IPO/BD/BC addressed other than PAO/RB, the same will be returned to you with the request to send a correct addressed IPO/BD/BC.  The process will lead to provide you information late. 

3.      Please always avoid to get multiple information from different directorates for different subjects through a single application as Railway Board is having about 45 Nodal Officers dealing with different subjects. To collect information for more than one subject in single application may gets  delayed in providing information to you. The more specific information asked the faster it is to provide. 

4. Some applicants ask for long list of information in a single application, which on experience has shown, is not maintained and difficult to collect and results in rejection of application being frivolous. 

5. Information for representation/suggestions/advice are not liable to be provided under RTI Act.   

6.  Please do not ask for any third party information unless it has concern to the Public interest. 

7. Recently Central Information Commission (CIC) has written to Ministry of Railways that our staff/officers should not use the forum of RTI Act as extension counter of redressal of their staff/personal grievance.   

8. No. of items for which information is sought for should be restricted to few numbers as far as possible to help us to provide you a prompt reply. 






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