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How your application is processed in Board's Office

Working of Right To Information (RTI) cell in Railway Board

 Steps involved in processing a RTI application in RTI cell

 Organization of RTI Cell

 The RTI cell is headed by the Chief Public Information Officer (CPIO) and is supported by one Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO) and three section officers with three units i.e. initial registration cell, appeal cell and record cell / monitoring cell.

 A. Receipt of application:


The application is generally received by dak in Central Registry Branch in Railway Board.  In some cases it is also received in RTI cell by speed post, courier, Ministers cell, CRB/Secretary/EDs branches or directly handed over to RTI cell by the applicant/representative in person.  A few applications are also received through zonal railways/production units or other central government organizations/ministries.

 B. Registration of RTI application on Computer Web Based System” (rti.railnet.gov. in)


The envelope is opened in RTI Cell and marked to the concerned Directorates (There are more than 45 Directorates in Railway Board).  Then it is registered and scanned in the computer, and allotted a unique Id No. for a particular application.  After taking print out of noting sheet, top sheet/ Registration sheet/ Tag sheet/ Final Format for Reply etc. a file is made and delivered to the nodal officer (deemed PIO as per Section 4(5)/5(4)) of the directorate concerne).  In case the information is sought from different directorate, multiple files are made and sent to the concerned directorates.  If the subject pertains to the Zonal railways/Production units or any other organization, it is transferred to the concerned under 6(3) of the RTI Act, and applicant is informed of the same.

 C.  Forwarding to Directorate concerned for reply


The Directorate concerned furnishes the required information immediately, if it is available with them.  In case the information is required to be collected from zonal railways or other railway organizations, the applicant is informed through an ‘Interim Reply’ assuring that the information is being collected and will be sent as soon as it is available with the office.  If part information is available, the same is sent to the applicant and assured to furnish the rest soon after it is made available to RTI Cell by concerned Directorate.

D.  Receipt of Reply in RTI Cell, Scrutinised, demand for documents charges, if required and final reply to the applicant


On receiving the final information from the concerned directorates, it is scrutinized and checked in RTI cell and sent to the applicant with a forwarding letter signed by the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), Railway Board.   If the information is voluminous i.e. more than 2/3 pages, documents charges @ Rs.2/- for per page as per provision in the RTI Act is asked for from the applicant.  On receiving the amount the information is sent immediately.  With the dispatch of the letter containing the information, the case is marked as ‘closed’ in the computer.

 1st Appeal to Appellate Authority.

 E.  Processing the case under 1st appeal

 If the applicant is not satisfied with reply, he may prefer 1st Appeal to the Additional Member (Commercial) Appellate Authority with in 30 days. stating the reason for appeal and asking for information which has not been furnished to him. 

The Appeal is registered in RTI Appeal Cell, file is located and his application is placed on the concerned file which is examined by SO/RTI Appeal and file put up to AA (AMC) who then referred to the next higher authority from where the reply was received and then thoroughly examined scrutinized and detailed reply with additional annexure if any duly authenticated are received in Appeal Cell. The file is examined and scrutinized by AA (AMC) and order given accordingly and reply issued to the applicant accordingly while dispatching his 1st Appeal.

After issue of the reply the file is kept separately having unique AA No. which shows that the initial applicant has gone in for appeal for RTI Record.   

 2nd  Appeal to Hon’ble Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)

Again if the applicant is not satisfied with the reply given to him under 1st     appeal.  He/She can appeal to Hon’ble CIC for redressal his/her case.






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