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Cases relating to Dy. Secy. (D. A.)

S.No. Case id Name Address Subject Opening
1  17020  Mr V Chauhan   Type-V, 24/1 SEC Rly Officers
Colony, Bunglaw Yard Station Road
RB no. E(O)2007/SU-1/WCR/14 dt. 7-4-08  04/07/2011  24/07/2011 
2  17872  Mrs Manish Sharma   22-C, Rly Colony
Sardar Patel Marg
New Delhi
Guidelines issued under Rly Boards  22/07/2011  11/08/2011 
3  18963  Mr A k Sarkar  Divisional Finance Manager
N F Rly, New Jalpaiguri
PO-Bhakti Nagar, dist- Jalpaiguri
Sanctioned my DAR (Major) proceeding  12/09/2011  02/10/2011 
4  29536  Mr Girish Sharma   64/1-C
Kalibari Marg
New Delhi
Punishment details awarded to Gazetted   22/11/2012  12/12/2012 
5  34510  Mr H N Khatak  44/32 Chawala Colony
Near Double Phatak
Circular Road Rohtak
Rule 31 of D &AR  31/05/2013  20/06/2013 
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